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Hello world! February 18, 2009

Posted by baldricman in General.

At long last, after years of procrastination (unsurprisingly), I have finally started a blog. I mention at the outset that I have created at least 3 other blog accounts in the past 2 years, but never posted to them or enabled them even (I won’t mention which blogs 🙂 ) 

Well, what can I say in a first blog post?

My only suggestion is to check out the /whois Baldric page, to get a metaphorical feel for me. Over the next few days I’m hoping to get a few posts up on a variety of topics, in part so that I can see what direction this will take.

It is very likely to be a combination of my discoveries of irony in everyday life, soap-box rants, “technical-interest” stories, and of course the standard quota of linked jokes/images/clips etc. that you’ve all seen on numerous other blogs. Whatever it is though, I sincerely hope you find it amusing, interesting, or thought provoking (read as “infuriating”); and I hope you leave a comment to let me know someone is out there…


be back soon!


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