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Visual Studio 2010: Screenshots February 25, 2009

Posted by baldricman in News, Tech.
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Not much to say here, except check out the new look VS 2010, built on .Net 4.0 and WPF – Its always great when Microsoft adopts one of their own tools or technologies; its always a good sign for developers and implementers, as it builds confidence that the item in question is a) good enough, and b) probably not going to be shelved anytime soon.


UI, in my opinion, looks quite cool, though I don’t see (at first glance) any major changes…. but its early days I guess. Perhaps one of the more important additions to 2010 is the built in support for Oracle, which has been long-awaited by many.


This is all going to be available in Beta 1, when its released… (no date yet, be patient). 
See this VS magazine post for more info.


1. Deems - February 25, 2009

Two things I see which could be very useful is being able to drag a document away from VS onto another screen as well as the change-highlighting in the left bar to denote new/deleted changes. Other than that the UI looks pretty much the same as VS9 (2008).

baldricman - February 25, 2009

Yes they are cool indeed, especially the improvement to the seldom-noticed highlighting of changes in VS2008 (in that version it simply highlights ALL changes/additions/deletions in yellow, whereas VS2010 *seems* to do the whole red/yellow/green thing….I think)

2. Deems - February 25, 2009

Yeah 2008 shows unsaved changes in yellow and saved in green. But it’s sometimes useful to know where you’ve removed stuff – especially if you work on so many code fragments at the same time.

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