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Talking about Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol March 18, 2009

Posted by baldricman in News, Tech.
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IBM Research scientists in India have developed a most interesting new protocol, as a means of creating a sort of voice-driven internet, but over mobile-phone networks. The idea is to allow users to make a phone call to some sort of service (such as a directory enquiries service), make a request (just be speaking mind you, none of this “Press 7 for…..”), and automatically be “forwarded” through to the next number/HSTP application. The concept as you can see is very similar to hyperlinking in web applications.

Check out the article over here for a better description, as well as an example (an example that probably raises more questions than it answers, but anyway….)

A few lines from the Abstract of the official IBM paper released in 2007 perhaps best encapsulates the concept:

The success of the WWW can be partly attributed to the seamlessly browsable web that is formed through this connectivity. However, navigation of hypermedia content through non-visual interfaces has not received as much attention. Specifically, telephony voice applications offer immense usability and penetration benefits and can act as alternate information access and delivery mechanisms. Connectivity across voice applications poses interesting and novel challenges. In this paper, we define Hyperspeech as a voice fragment in a voic application that is a hyperlink to a voice fragment in another voice application. Further, we present Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol (HSTP) – a protocol to seamlessly connect telephony voice applications. HSTP enables the users to browse across voice applications by navigating the Hyperspeech content in a voice application.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops…


1. Deems - March 18, 2009

That’s a pretty cool sounding concept.

Just don’t try asking for information on a MySpace user’s website – all you’ll get back will be the noise emanating from a failing handshake between to fax machines!

baldricman - March 18, 2009

Yeah, well, try asking a MySpace user anything face-to-face and you’re likely to get a similar response…..*snigger*

Deems - March 18, 2009

Mmm, true 🙂

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