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Firefox is dead? March 23, 2009

Posted by baldricman in General, Tech.
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I came across this great article today which got me thinking about the seemingly prevalent “feelings” about current browsers, that I see so often when chatting with other users, and reading comments on blogs and boards. There aren’t many open proponents of IE, thats for sure (though its market-share can’t be ignored), and so the heated discussions (how sad…) generally fall between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (pure). There are occasionally a few Opera supporters out there too (I used to be one…), but we can ignore them for now 🙂

Lets for a moment focus on the Chrome VS Firefox debate. The interesting thing is that the majority of Firefox users rabbit on about the add-ins and plugins that are supported, and many claim they would switch to Chrome in a flash should it start supporting them. I used to be an avid supporter, and installed countless addins in my time. But I have to say, I honestly can’t think of any plugins now that I miss. None at all. Seriously. Not even the ad-blocking ones – I guess when you use the intertubes enough your eye adapts and can find the content and ignore the ads quite easily anyway. Maybe I just don’t have a problem with ads. In fact, now that I think about it, I can barely remember which ones I had even (but I sure had a whole bunch installed…)

Back to the browsers though. I for one have gone “Retro” in a way – I’ve gone back to basics because I don’t really care about all the little gadgets I can use to better my browsing experience. I don’t need colour coded tabs. However, there’s still one gadget that can’t be installed in Firefox: Performance (you may remember it, if you’re quite old, from the early days of Firefox). Nowadays, it takes for bloody ever to load, and sucks up all your memory. Chrome however loads in a flash.

Chrome may have some shortcomings, such as the inability to functionally load the microsoft website successfully (but hey, Firefox is in the same boat), but I avoid that website like the plague anyway :). And I still have IE and Firefox installed (and Opera somewhere), so if I really *need* to load a site in a specific browser, then I can. (Though I choose not to in most cases, cos I don’t really wanna support limited development efforts like that anyway, right?)

Oh yeah, here’s the article which I read, its not too long but raises some interesting points.


1. Deems - March 23, 2009


Seriously though I tend to agree with you. Unless you’re scared about someone’s website taking control of your machine or believe in all the conspiracy theories you’re pretty safe with a bog standard browser, like Chrome without any bells and whistles.

Microsoft have tried to catch up with Firefox and Chrome with their latest release of IE8 – but I think it’s too little too late. There’s nothing new in it for the rest of us and the only ones that will be wow’ed will be the die-hard IE only users.

baldricman - March 24, 2009

and, surprisingly, not “last” too!
Hehe, thanks for the comments. I was a little disappointed with IE8, I have to say. Bear in mind I didn’t spend any length of time on it, but what I *wanted* was to open it, and immediately (or within 1 minute) see something new and cool, and see great speed improvements. So I’m sure there are some great improvements that are less visible, but like I tried to convey above, I’m very happy with Chrome at the moment, warts and all, so its going to take something big to make me switch (for the 4th time).

2. granthamtech - March 24, 2009

I’m probably one of those who care more about their browser being secure than just fast. So I’d find it hard to switch away from Firefox with the Noscript plugin.

On the other hand I see that Chrome was the last man standing at the Pwn2Own 2009 event So if, objectively, it’s design architecture turns out to be less prone to being compromised than the others, I’d go with it.

baldricman - March 24, 2009

thanks for stopping by granthamtech, you raise a very valid point, one which I admit is not always first on my mind (I’m more a “this thing better load instantly” kinda guy, but hey…)
Interestingly, the pwn2own event had some quite surprising results (surprising to me at least). Also, if I recall, it was a Safari issue that was exploited in the main event? (Or most publicised, at least)

granthamtech - March 24, 2009

Yes I think your’e right – Safari was the headline but IE and FF got hit also. Any idea why Opera wasn’t in it?

baldricman - March 24, 2009

I’m really not sure to be honest. I don’t know much about pwn2own beyond what the news articles on the “exciting” parts described!
Maybe nobody bothered with Opera? 😉
It would be interesting to see what level of use Opera still boasts…

3. Deems - March 24, 2009

@baldricman, @granthamtech – according to the pwn2own organisers they had the following to say:

Based on market share we only accept Internet Explorer and Firefox vulnerabilities through the ZDI. For the sake of this competition we included Chrome and Safari due to their default presence on various mobile platforms.

baldricman - March 24, 2009

thanks for clarifying that Deems, makes sense now.

4. dinu - March 26, 2009

Yay !! chrome is the start !!!

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