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Keystroke Logging Taken to New Level March 23, 2009

Posted by baldricman in News, Tech.
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So you think you’re pretty safe because you’re visiting trusted sites only, not installing software unless you’re absolutely sure its safe, and you use pretty strong passwords…

Well, maybe you are, but did you know that your keystrokes can now be identified with equipment costing only about $80!? Oh, and there isn’t a need for installing some kind of spyware on your machine either, as it can be done remotely – maybe in another office, or perhaps from outside your window.

Presenters at the CanSecWest security conference detailed on Thursday how they can sniff data by analyzing keystroke vibrations using a laser trained on a shiny laptop or through electrical signals coming from a PC connected to a PS/2 keyboard and plugged into a socket.


Check out the article here.

I guess my only consolation now is one I usually rely on for most high-tech, sci-fi, big brother type snooping: I’m probably not important or interesting enough to actually be a target 🙂


1. Deems - March 23, 2009

Watch out for its use in a spy novel/movie in a store/theater near you 🙂

You know, I understand that the space bar would make a different sound from the other keys since it’s wider and has double springy-mechanisms as opposed to the single ones for the other keys but I doubt very much that the qwerty keys make different sounds.

However, one user might have a distinctive pressure patter for various keys based on how they type so if you could capture a user’s keystroke sounds with a predefined set of keystrokes then maybe you could do it more accurately. Another case of seeing is believing for me 🙂

2. Juffs - March 26, 2009

Well maybe you are right Deems – but the idea that it is possible to some extent and fairly cheaply is still a little disconcerting to me. Kev’s point about the average Joe not being of much interest to hackers may be valid (and is certainly something I tend to rely on) , but when it comes to ATM’s or Internet Banking for example, the ‘hackers’ are unlikely to care who they steal from.

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