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Roleplaying D&D: Great memories March 27, 2009

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Warning: The following post gives away my geekishness, and my age.

I remember spending a not-insignificant portion of my youth planning and playing roleplaying games. The real, pencil & paper type, with funny shaped dice and everything. We played everything from ShadowRun to StarWars, but our favourite was surely Dungeons & Dragons. The games would take days to plan and prepare, and even longer to play, and as such, involved a necessarily huge amount of coffee and junk food. We’d gather round in someone’s lounge or bedroom, fighting to get an actual chair to sit on, otherwise propping ourselves up against a wall with a mangy cushion (if we were too slow), and then letting our imaginations, and that of the DM, dictate our entertainment for the next few hours. 

I came across a great set of posts by Will Wheaton, who is currently leading a D&D game at home for his teenage son and friends. For those of you who know that unique, and uber-geeky joy of roleplaying, you might enjoy browsing through them, as he describes in quite good detail how they progress…..

First post is here, then followed here, here, and here, with a closing note here


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