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5 Real Life Action Heroes April 9, 2009

Posted by baldricman in General.
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I found this awesome post on cracked.com about 5 dudes, in various wars, who achieved more impressive and astounding feats of bravery than the most unbelievable Hollywood movies. I guess sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Simo Hayha

Simo Hayha

At #5: Over the course of 100 days, Finnish farmer Simo Hayha (pictured above) killed 542 Russians with his rifle. He took out another 150 or so with his SMG, sending his credited kill-count up to 705. (Though other accounts bring the total up to something nearer 750)


Check out the full post here, its well worth the read! (Or for more info on him, check out the wikipedia entry)


1. marklar - May 1, 2009

Simo Hayha is so kool and tyler kratzke was his boyfriend

2. koolcat101 - May 1, 2009

I the fact tyler kratzke was from india and simo hayha was from finland

3. zulu5 - May 1, 2009

i don’t know who simo whatever. Zila, your gay

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