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ANC’s Jesse Duarte slams Right-Wing Expats April 24, 2009

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It shows you who leaves the country: all the right-wingers – ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte

This, another hilarious and revealing statement made after the results of votes from South Africans living abroad were announced by the Independant Electoral Commission (IEC) on Thursday. (see another Jesse Duarte gem over here (via 1Earth) for some perspective)

The opposition parties got the most of the 9 857 votes. A total of 7 581 voted for the DA, 918 voted for Cope, 270 voted for the FF+, 184 voted for the ACDP and 136 voted for the ID. The ANC received 673 votes from South Africans overseas. – The Beeld

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse….. For a ruling-party spokesperson you demonstrate a surprising lack of knowledge and intelligence. Was that an insult?

Lets try to understand this: are you saying they are right-wingers because they voted DA, or because they didn’t vote ANC?

Disclaimer: I know very little about politics, thankfully, but I’ll just go with my current understanding 🙂

Disclaimer #2: I happen not to like categorising parties into Left or Right etc, as it creates unnecessary preconceptions. I believe in looking at individual policies and the party’s track record. However, for Mrs Duarte’s benefit….

Firstly, the whole polarised definition of Left vs Right is so inadequate, so fraught with regional discrepancy, that no sane and clear-thinking individual uses it for any serious debate.Traditionally speaking it is meant to only represent the economic spectrum of thought (whether explicitly or implicitly, most arguments about left/right usually boil down to economic freedom), and completely ignores social freedoms. In essence the Left considers equality in terms of an outcome, where the Right defines it as equality of opportunity. Where the Right is traditionally more pro free market and general economic freedom, the Left is usually more involved with more controlled forms of economy, such as found in socialism, communism, etc. Some notable leaders who are regarded (by my understanding, again), as “Leftist” in this regard, would be Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, followed by Ghandi (not so bad, right?) and…. wait for it, you’ll love this one…. Robert Mugabe. On the other end of the scale (i.e. the “Right”), however, we find people like Margaret Thatcher. Remember that this is all economically-focussed. And its also not to say that Right is better than Left, or vice versa, or any such nonsense. It doesn’t work that way.

However, a better way to try categorise political views includes Social aspects as well as Economic, and we divide this into Authoritarian and Libertarian. So, in keeping with these modern trends, lets analyse the DA: it’s possible to say that the DA is “Right wing” when it comes to economic policies (Free Market anyone?) while ANC and IFP are more Left (land reform, BEE), but one would have to say the DA are pretty Libertarian with social policies (pro-choice, pro-same-sex-everything, etc). And where does the ANC sit on this scale? Well, Mandela is widely regarded as Libertarian (along with Ghandi and the Dalai Lama… bad example perhaps?), but the derision aimed at expats for “abandoning their country” by the ANC is clearly indicative of “state-over-individual”, which is on the Authoritarian side of things (alongside Stalin and Mugabe, for example)

Jesse, if you’re going to say people who leave the country are Right-wingers, you’re not entirely wrong on the Economic scale: people with a desire to be economically free and liberated might well be going overseas for a period, to earn “bigger” money, and improve their skills to bring back to our shores (something which the ANC praised just a few days ago too, mind you). But I suspect you really thought you were insulting them?

One final note in closing: Based on the local voter results, I believe 49% of residents of the Western Cape can now officially label themselves Rightists.

EDIT: check this out http://www.hayibo.com/articles/view/1025  🙂


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Deems - April 24, 2009

Wot? LOL

baldricman - April 24, 2009

Haha, can’t say I’ve figured it out yet either! 🙂 Apparently its a related topic…. *sigh*

2. Deems - April 24, 2009

Nicely said – I guess considering I moved to the UK for 3.5 years to earn “bigger” money then I should be, according to Jesse, a right-wing extremist? JD, JZ, JM should start a circus, no wait, they already did!

3. Frank - April 24, 2009

Good work there dude. Interesting read. Good points.

baldricman - April 24, 2009

hey Frank, thanks for stopping by

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5. baldricman - June 9, 2009

Jacob, thanks for swinging by, please keep on moving. Rather don’t post on this blog again please, thanks.

(And, you really shouldn’t stop with the meds. They’re good for you, they’ll keep you out of trouble)

6. Deems - June 9, 2009

LOL at first I thought you had an(other) alter ego and then clicked – nice one mate 🙂

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