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Gym, and other Things April 30, 2009

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Firstly, apologies to my legions of faithful followers for the delay in posting. Truth is, I’ve been feeling rather uninspired, and everything around me has been all serious stuff, like elections and general political and economic antics. Its been depressing. Then, wifey got sick and decided to share the love, so if I had posted anything, it would’ve been whining about how crappy I felt. Even googling my cold just turned up page after nauseating page of media-hype around the Pork-Flu…(what, seriously? You eejits couldn’t find anything else to panic about?). And, speaking of wifey, even her sleep-walking has been on the quiet, so there’s been nothing entertaining on that front either.

Anyway, figured I’d best throw some scraps to the plebians, so here are some updates from Baldric-Man!’s epic battle against…(not sure yet, will get back to you)

So, Monday marked my 10th gym session! What an occasion! And to celebrate in style, I thought I’d reflect a little on the noticeable improvements.

(First though, if you haven’t already, check out my earlier posts: Gym, the Final Frontier and Gym, a Brave New World)

T-Rex after a heavy workout

T-Rex after a heavy workout

Firstly, I have passed what I like to call the “T-Rex” stage of post-gym pain. Picture a T-Rex…. got it? Now, imagine super-stiff arms from excessive (in my opinion) bicep curls or whatever the heck you call them, leaving your arms bent at the elbow at 90-degrees. Now this may seem amusing to the casual reader, but I might remind you that living in Cape Town means one simply cannot go walking around the city centre, Green Point, or Camps Bay looking like this…

Secondly, I have mastered the art of faking certain exercises when Suresh, my trainer, is not watching closely. Like, only lifting the weight part of the way, or changing my tempo so that his counting (while watching the telly) is all out of time again when he looks back at me. (This of course is risky, and sometimes leads to an extra rep, rather than one less…)

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, I have learnt the art of doing an exercise on a machine with the weight set very low, then just before I leave, I quickly set the weight much higher. This is benevolent of course: I do this so that any passing observer can avoid strained muscles or other injuries from rolling on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter once they see the setting I “work out” on.

But I have to say (and it pains me to do so) that I’m enjoying the experience. I still haven’t perceived any benefit to my dodgy ankle (the real reason for starting gym in the first place), but that in part is because of twice, (yes twice), twisting it in the past month, while trying to chase down the In-Law’s delinquent dog, to bludgeon some discipline into it. It won, both times, ergo my ankle lost. Both times.

Ok I guess thats enough for now, hopefully I can be a little more regular in the posts. (I’m thinking of inventing a new breakfast cereal, called “Blogger-Bran: The Cereal that Keeps your Serials Regular!” (I considered going with “Post-Toasties”, but it seems strangely familiar…)
What do you think?


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That tag line’s clever, and it works (grin) too 🙂

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hehe, clever, yes.
But no.

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