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Afrigator launches Gatorpeeps May 11, 2009

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Well I just got word this morning of a new micro-blogging platform that has been launched to blog users making use of Afrigator’s blog tracking and aggregation services (aimed primarily at African blogs, as the name suggests). The new Twitter-like tool is called Gatorpeeps.

So, why create another tool when Twitter is so widely-known, and effective? Well, according to Afrigator’s MD, Justin Hartman:

I believe this is even more true in Africa as we simply don’t have the penetration that other developed countries have. Also take into consideration that the mobile phone remains the African version of the PC and as such micro-blogging addresses both penetration and accessibility problems. If you take Gatorpeeps into this context, couple it with the fact that less than 5% of Afrigator users have Twitter accounts then you’ll see why launching a micro-blogging platform to our audience is in fact a wise move.

See Justin’s blog post about the move over here:Afrigator tried to buy Twitter, we launched Gatorpeeps instead.

So, I’m going to try it out for a bit and see how things pan out. And, I guess we’ll have to create a whole new set of jargon to replace “tweets” and “twits” and so on…

Here’s the link again: Gatorpeeps

Ok folks, I’ve been playing on Gatorpeeps on and off now for the past few hours, and have to say I’m really enjoying it. This coming from a guy who still isn’t convinced about Twitter. Or maybe I’m just biased towards a lekker-local product eh? Seriously, if you’re at all interested or active in blogging or micro-blogging, try it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, for another take on it, check out Stii’s post here. Stii is the self-professed “Code Monkey at Afrigator”, so he probably knows what he’s talking about… 🙂



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