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Cape Town Storm – POTD May 22, 2009

Posted by baldricman in POTD.
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Like most people in Cape Town, I’ve received numerous emails today with photographs of the thunderstorm we had yesterday morning. I thought I’d post the collection of them all here – most of the pictures seem to be very widely spread already, and its been difficult tracking down the right people for credit, so most of the pictures below are currently “unclaimed”. Where I have the photographer’s name, its included. If you know who should get credit for any of the others, please mention it in the comments section.  (And thanks to Chris for being the first to send me some pics 🙂 )

The storm reminded me a little of what it was like living in Pietermaritzburg (where I grew up) – intense thunderstorms are nearly a daily occurrence during the summer months. In Cape Town its pretty rare to get thunder, and what you do get is generally not much to talk about.

Well, to the pics (that you’ve probably already seen!) – just a quick disclaimer: because of the nature of viral emails, I can make no claim that these pictures are actually from the storm yesterday morning! But, they’re real perdy, so enjoy them anyway!

by Lisa Scott

By Lisa Scott

By Lisa Scott

Another 7 pics below….

by Lisa Scott

by Lisa Scott

by Lisa Scott

by Lisa Scott

by Lisa Scott

by Lisa Scott

capetown storm

capetown storm

capetown storm

capetown storm


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2. Deems - May 22, 2009

Nice one mate – I also wanted to post Lisa’s photos but didn’t have a source and wanted to only post them if I could give credit to the photographer. I checked the EXIF info on her shots and the time stamp was from Wednesday.

3. Juffs - May 24, 2009

Dude! These pictures are insane! I hadn’t seen them…

Actually, later that day I had to be told there had been a thunderstorm cos I slept through it 🙂

Ta for posting though, very cool.

4. 6k - May 24, 2009

Can we say “photoshop”?

baldricman - May 24, 2009

hi 6K, thanks for stopping by… Photoshop? Do you know something I don’t? 😉

Deems - May 24, 2009

Why do you say that, 6k? Because the lightning strike in the 5th photo from the top looks almost identical to the one on your blog post, except for the obvious that it’s taken from the city-side of the mountain?

Also, lightning will not necessarily always strike the highest point but rather the highest conductive point. So most likely something more conductive on Kloof Neck that would have attracted the charge towards it than something atop Lions Head or Signal Hill.

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