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Baldric’s Fun-Filled Rainy Weekend July 13, 2009

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Blog’s been a bit slow of late, so to keep the ball rolling a little, here’s an update from my side. This weekend was busy. Real busy. Wifey and I usually have pretty chilled weekends, where we spend most of the time feeling guilty for not getting anything done. But, not this time! Oh no!

We had decided late on Friday to go watch a movie. We booked online, as we always do, but when we arrived and tried to claim our tickets from the TicketLine machine, the internal printer had run out of paper, and the system did not “notice”, in true Ster Kinekor software fashion. So the next 20 minutes were spent dealing with Ster Kinekor staff (who, though ultra-bored, were still quite helpful). In the end we were too late to get seats together (no reserved seating), so we managed to wangle some “re-admission” tickets for use another time. On the way home we picked  up 2 DVDs instead, which were “He’s Just Not That Into You”, for the wifey, and “Burn After Reading”, for me. Sadly, wifey’s movie turned out to be pretty good, whereas mine was, well… It was interesting and amusing, but a little too affected, as many star-studded movies are these days. In fact, I think it would have been a better movie without so many stars, as the director would have felt less pressure to let each of them be leading actors. Anyway, moving on.

We got a pretty late start to Saturday morning, after the DVD-debauchery the night before. We raced off to Cavendish for some clothes shopping, then headed into town to meet an old school friend of wifey’s. We had a great lunch (well actually I had a breakfast 🙂 ) at Greens on Kloof Street. (Consider it recommended!)
Then we rushed off back home, got dressed up all snazzy-like (“formal” in Cape Town apparently means “no tie”), and returned to town (a few hundred metres from where we had just been 2 hours prior) , and met 2 friends for an early dinner at Yindees. Yindees is one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town. They are an authentic Thai outfit, very reasonable, and the food is excellent, with service to match.

So after a fairly quick dinner (Red Curry for me, don’t ask me the proper name though – I attempted it when I ordered, and though the waitress smiled and congratulated me, I suspect she was really thanking me for increasing her chances in the daily Kitchen-Who-Had-The-Dumbest-Customer-Who-Thought-He-Could-Speak-Thai-Sweepstakes)…where was I? Oh yes, so after dinner, the 4 of us headed off to Camps Bay, the Bay Hotel, where after a short “wine and chocolate tasting” with Bilton wines, we were enthralled for 2 hours by the most excellent and entertaining D7 Fresh A’capella. This local a’capella group has, I think, been around about a year or so, and to quote their marketing blurb:

Think beatbox, think up beat, think fresh harmonies delivered to you by seven of Cape Town’s sexiest musicians and you have D7, the a’capella group that is harmonising their way on to stages everywhere. They will have your feet tapping, your lips moving and your hips grooving to the familiar sounds of Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, The Chiffons and The Temptations

But anyway, Deems wrote two great posts on these guys here, and here, so go check them out. (Deems and his wife were our two partners in crime, on Saturday 🙂 ) Also, check out D7’s facebook page here.

So after the show, on a bit of a high, we headed down to a cafe for a coffee and a shooter (can’t remember the name of the cafe….but sadly, it was one of the only ones open. In Camps Bay. On a Saturday evening…. what the hell?) All in all, Saturday’s mileage must have been easily 90kms, just to-ing and fro-ing.

So, finally, Sunday rolled around and after an even later start, wifey and I headed off to V&A for a little outing. We ended up at Spur (of all places), and an excellent faux-Mexican meal, and bought a game of Othello, and about 6 or 7 CDs from Musica (some Creedence, newest U2, some classical assortments, Bryan Adams, etc). On the way home we travelled through some of the most hectic flooding I’ve ever seen on the M3. Of course, many parts of Cape Town were flooded, and in fact, the road we had parked on the night before for our coffee and shooters, was completely flooded the next day. Check out the 2oceansVibe post here for some pictures of the road. Here’s the sight that greeted me on the way in to work this morning, Strand Street:

Strand Street FloodedStrand Street Flooded

Later on saw the evening church service (long overdue… too many “holidays”), followed by another Spur outing with some friends, for a burger and milkshake. And then, before we hit the hay, one final game of Othello (which was a draw, fittingly)



1. Deems - July 13, 2009

Wow, jam-packed weekend! D7 were great Saturday night and dinner and coffee later with you guys was heaps of fun too. We should definitely do that again some time, soon. Thanks for the link-love too 🙂

2. hotel11 - July 13, 2009


Lovely post looking forward for your blogs



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