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Maptor: the GPS Map-Projector August 27, 2009

Posted by baldricman in Tech.
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Tired of ignorant people telling you to ask for directions, when you know you’re not really lost? Do you find using a map awkward and clunky? Does your wife fold the thing incorrectly? Well, the Maptor might be a novel solution to all that.

I got sent a link to this cool new gadget earlier this week by Deems, and thought I’d pass it on. Basically, the Maptor (from “Map + Projector”) is a miniature portable projector – it can download and store maps and then project them onto a nearby surface. However, this in itself is not new. So the designers at Samsung’s Art and Design Institute have added an integrated GPS unit that will pinpoint your location, on the projected map.

You can watch a short video of it below, but I suggest you turn off your sound. There is no speech, just music that was used in the concentration camps for misbehaving residents…

So will it be useful? I’m not really covinced it has any real value beyond being a cool option for sight-seeing in a foreign city. But, it IS cool…

You can read the original cnet article here.


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