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First Aid Training – My Face September 7, 2009

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Howdy all! I completed my first day of First Aid training today (and passed my practical) – the course so far has been fairly relaxed and informal, but very interesting indeed. Also, it’s been pretty hands-on, which translates to a course that is filled with laughter and childish jokes…

Right up my alley.

Anyway, I managed to snap one quick pic of my face. Now, before you all run screaming for the hills, its a latexy face that is used during training (for hygiene etc) – the face has lips, nostrils and teeth, for realism, and fits snugly onto the CPR doll. The dollย is basically a plastic head and torso. The face is fitted to the front of the head (bizarre, I know), and secured by the ears (this was my favourite part). The doll then “inflates” when you ventilate (give mouth-to-mouth), but only if the airways are unrestricted and sealed (i.e., gotta do all the right stuff like tilting the head back just right, pinching the nostrils, making a good seal with your mouth, etc). The doll also has a big spring inside, in the chest, which is used to measure the depth and force of your compressions when administering CPR (a small gauge on the doll shows green when you are depressing correctly). So the face pictured was my victim patient, and the moment I had saved his sorry plastic life, he was turfed into a plastic bag, destined for sterilisation. Let that be a lesson to anyone planning on collapsing.

Without further ado, I give you….. Gerald:

Not creepy at all....

Not creepy at all....


1. OneStonedCrow - September 7, 2009

haha … thanks for reminding me I should touch up on my first aid skills – the last time I did a course many years ago we had a ‘pretty’ doll to practice CPR on – if dolls can be pretty … and no, it was not the blow-up type ๐Ÿ™‚

baldricman - September 7, 2009

hehe, hey crow ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you clarified that, I’ll admit it was the first thought that crossed my mind…. *shame*

2. Deems - September 7, 2009

LOL – things have become more technologically advanced since the last time I did my first-aid course (back in 1886 1996). No fancy electronics or removable faces – although Bob’s head did come off for some strange reason.

It’s interesting how things like how to do CPR just comes back to you if you think about it – what I might have trouble with though is making “proper” tourniquettes and bandages (without making my poor victim patient look like a freshly prep’d mummy!).

baldricman - September 9, 2009

yeah I agree. What is interesting is that the “best practices” around certain things like the number of chest compressions and ventilations, etc, seems to change year to year, which is why they suggest frequent updates/refreshers. (For instance, for standard CPR they reckon now 2 ventilations followed by 30 chest compressions, whereas in the recent past it was 15 compressions….)
But those dummies are very cool: whats nice is that you’ve got to get the head tilted right, and the nostrils closed properly, to be able to ventilate. Apparently, just like the real thing ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Andrew - September 8, 2009

Dad learned CPR at scouts. 40 years later he used it to try save a kid who had been stabbed. I also learned it at school, but I was only taught the theory. I’ve never given the kiss of life to even a blow up doll, let alone a real life person.

How important do you reckon practise is? Is the theory enough?

Deems - September 8, 2009

Andrew, as far as I’m aware to stay certified you need to do a refresher once a year.

baldricman - September 8, 2009

Practice is key, from what I’ve seen now. You learn the stuff, but you don’t know what you don’t know, until you try it out. I also realise however, that I won’t know what I’ll forget should a real emergency arise one day. I think like most things you just need to reinforce it as much as possible, so that in a high-pressure situation you have a better chance of remembering the right stuff.
I am now certified, by the way, which lasts 3 years.

4. Cath - September 9, 2009

That face… That horrible face!

baldricman - September 9, 2009

Erm, the latex one, right?

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