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VOTD: Obama calls Kanye a “Jackass” September 18, 2009

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Haha, classic stuff. For those who don’t know, at the last MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West hopped up on stage at the beginning of Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech (for “Best Female Video Award”), stole the mic, and basically told everyone that Beyonce deserved to win, instead of her. As can be expected, there has been a major outcry, lots of opinions, apologies, analysis, blah blah blah. Really, I don’t care much at all, apart from some Springeresque entertainment value. And that’s where today’s video comes in. US President Barrack Obama was about to give an interview (I don’t know the details, and again, don’t really care 🙂 ), and the cameras picked up some pre-interview chit chat. CNN subsequently aired it.

Classic stuff, he seems like a really funny guy. I loved the “come on guys, cut the president some slack” part!

For anyone who’s interested, check out the original Kanye West VS Taylor Swift clip below. What I find impressive, is Beyonce’s response to it all 🙂


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[…] Obama calls Kanye a “Jackass” (baldrics.wordpress.com) […]

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