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My Preciousssss – 2010 Ticketsess February 4, 2010

Posted by baldricman in Baldric-Man, News, Sport.
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Yes!! I won, I won! A little while ago I applied for World Cup 2010 tickets to several games here in Cape Town, and this morning I checked my ticket application status (for the umpteenth time, let me tell you), and lo and behold, this is what greets my tired eyes:

Those little green ticks, dear friends, mean “Congratulations Awesome-Person, you have successfully applied for tickets!”

So in a little over 126-odd days, I’ll be heading off to the Green Point Stadium to watch Uruguay thump France! Yeah!!



1. Ryan Calder - February 4, 2010

Class dude. Am super envious. Go Uruguay!!

baldricman - February 4, 2010

hey, have you applied for anything, or are you going to? Surely you have some conneckies to organise you free tickets? 😛

2. Deems - February 4, 2010

Nice one mate 🙂 Congrats – now I’ll send you an email with the banking details so that you can claim your prize (just a small admin fee) 😉

3. Joe Newbert - February 4, 2010

Well done :). I see you invested heavily! See you at matches 11 and 56!

baldricman - February 4, 2010

hey, yeah, had quite a few friends who were keen to see some games, and ended up booking for more games than I “needed” to, just to make sure I got *some*! But, I aint complaining: think I’d rather get a bit sick of watching it live (if thats possible), than regret it the rest of my life 🙂
Definitely see you at those games, we should maybe even meet up there!

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