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/whois Baldric?

Me: Kevin, I’m a dude (and what a dude), married, and living in Cape Town. To earn money I develop software, and in my spare time I hike and enjoy most casual sport, read A LOT, play computer games, complain about the world, nitpick other people’s written grammar while making mincemeat of my own (“know thine enemy…”),  and generally try to remain the most humble person I know. My greatest ambition in life is to grow old (and considering the alternative, I think that’s fair).

Baldric: Baldric-Man, much loved defender of the world (and in particular damsels), is my alter-ego, birthed in the dim conditions of a boring, low-paying job many years ago. As such my friends (both of them) sometimes call me “Baldric”, as they are never quite sure which one I am at any given time. (My wife, for that matter, is sometimes respectfully referred to as “Baldrina-Woman”, with much fearful quaking and reverent knee-buckling)

Otherwise, I’m a Christian (what some would call “committed”: I struggle along…), I’m white, and I’m absolutely in love with South Africa. I admit freely that I entertain mildly bigoted and stereotyped views at times, because it’s more fun that way. To deny that would be, well, pretty blonde. (Oh, wait, I never entertain communist thoughts. You won’t catch me dead thinking like a damn commie!). 

Hope you enjoy my blog, cheers for now!



1. Hello world! « Baldric’s Blog - February 18, 2009

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2. Deems - February 18, 2009

Welcome to teh interwebs 😉

3. Allen - February 18, 2009

So this is your famous blog, then? My word, the wonders of the steam age. I’ve been playing with the internets for so many years, now somebody I know is publishing. What will they think of next!

4. Ryan - February 19, 2009

*and what a dude!*…
Love it.

5. Chloe - February 19, 2009

I consider myself as being one of the friends you made during ” the dim conditions of a boring, low-paying job” 🙂

baldricman - February 19, 2009


Actually you were in the “middle-paying, highly stressful job” phase…. You’re about 4 years too late there.

6. Andrew - February 24, 2009

You gotta write more baldric man stories. 😀

P.S. I love the blog

7. neil - February 25, 2009

Nice Baldricman!

8. leahl - March 16, 2009

Pretty entertaining… 🙂

9. knowledgetoday - March 31, 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

10. dhewitson - May 15, 2009

Hi – Thanks for the pingback (Touchstone pics). Boosted the traffic to my lowly blog quite considerably! Deirdre

baldricman - May 15, 2009

hehe, no problem.Us small-fry gotta look out for each other! 😛
Besides, you had a good post, with good pictures 😉

11. Natasha - July 1, 2009

do you have contact details of Lisa Scott, the person who took the lightning shots?

12. robertbravery - August 19, 2009

You know this is the first time I read your about page, poor me.
But anyway, we have so much in common, developing software, Christian, Sci-Fi, etc. Well done man

baldricman - August 19, 2009

hey man thats cool! I couldn’t find an “About Me” type page on your blog, do you have one? (Which should tell you I’m now thinking “poor me” too….)
Are you in Cape Town?

13. Aslam Levy - September 2, 2009


How did I just randomly find your blog. hahahah. Great stuff man! I’ll be going through a few pages and commenting.
I just started blogging

baldricman - September 2, 2009

Haha, awesome man! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your blog! 🙂

14. Neil Korotash - December 28, 2013

Hi Kevin, I’m trying to track down the owner of the inactive twitter account @digin which I notice you follow. You wouldn’t happen to know who owns that twitter handle do you? I’m helping setup a festival to teach people about food, urban agriculture etc in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada and the name of the festival will be DigIn. We would love to take over this twitter handle if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

15. Alberta - October 19, 2014

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16. Ernestina - March 19, 2015

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