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My Preciousssss – 2010 Ticketsess February 4, 2010

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Yes!! I won, I won! A little while ago I applied for World Cup 2010 tickets to several games here in Cape Town, and this morning I checked my ticket application status (for the umpteenth time, let me tell you), and lo and behold, this is what greets my tired eyes:

Those little green ticks, dear friends, mean “Congratulations Awesome-Person, you have successfully applied for tickets!”

So in a little over 126-odd days, I’ll be heading off to the Green Point Stadium to watch Uruguay thump France! Yeah!!


SA 2010 – Soccer Stadium October 26, 2009

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Always a fan of the SA Good News site (though not the most regular visitor, to be fair), a friend sent me a link to them again. So after some browsing, I came across this nice little collection of photos showing the progress of some of the soccer stadia being built in South Africa, in readiness for next years FIFA World Cup. So, here is one picture – click on it to get to the rest, and I highly recommend a tour around the site, it really is good news!

Moses Mabhida stadium, Durban

Moses Mabhida stadium, Durban

Ballet vs Rugby, and Other Confusion July 1, 2009

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Congratulations to the Springboks on an excellent series win this weekend!! Some truly remarkeable rugby was played by the Boks, against a tough, determined, and fired up Lions team. A special congratulations to the Lions on such an excellent second half of the first test, and a frantic first half of the second test. Both games being won by such a small margin, I think, is evidence of the quality of the sides.

Now, I thought I should comment on a few of the issues that have come up in the wake of the game, so this is a sort of “open letter” to all those living in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and all other rugby-playing countries. (Gotta love blogging…. just imagine the postage saved!)

I was absolutely astounded and more than a little ashamed to watch a clip of an interview Peter de Villiers gave, in which he waxed lyrical about rugby, ballet, eye-gouging, tutus, and spear-tackling. The man clearly had no idea what he was going to say before he gave the interview, nor what he was saying during the interview. Much like the extremely unprofressional and shameful criticism of ref’ing decisions in the post-match interview on Saturday – To all coaches: please show some class and sportsmanship, and take your complaints to the relevant bodies, in private, after the game. This also applies to the Lions coach Ian McGeechan, who in both post-match interviews, made thinly veiled implications that the Lions lost because they were unlucky, and the coaches made bad decisions. Grow up Ian, and stop looking like such a sore loser. Whatever happened to being gracious in both success, and in defeat? It is a sad state of affairs indeed. Anyway, I just wanted to assure pretty much all non-South Africans that, for the most part, we are not all illiterate, bumbling, aggressive eye-gouging ballerinas, as dear Peter might have led you to believe. (I’m actually not sure what you might have taken from his little speech, as it was rather hard to follow and decipher. At one point I thought he may have slipped into lineout calls by mistake..) You can watch the clip here peterdiv

Of course, the British and Irish Lions should be glad we have such “disgraceful” coach (as Brian O’Driscoll so honourably put it) – I feel that with some small team-selection differences (and some would say better use of the bench), the games would not have been so, er, “unlucky” (as captain Paul O’Connell put it, unsurprisingly) And although you may not believe it, I don’t really want to criticise old “Div” too much. After all, as John Smit answered to the question of whether the coach’s use of the bench was poor, “We won both games, so one could say his use of the bench was perfect”… Makes one think. (But to change tack once again, check out this brilliant page of Peter de Villiers Quotes. Hilarious!!)

Anyway, I can’t wait for the final game this Saturday. I think its going to be even greater than last weekend’s game, as the Boks will want to make it a whitewash, but the Lions will have everything to play for, and nothing to lose. I’m not at all sorry to see Schalk Burger go (I feel he is a little past his prime, sadly, but that’s just my opinion).

Oh, lastly, just thought I’d mention my “man of the second-half” choice from the last game, and that would have to be Heinrich Brussow. I really hope to see him get some more game time this Saturday. He seems to be bringing “stealing” back into fashion 🙂