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Nelson Mandela – Released February 11, 2010

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Today marks the day, 20 years ago, that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was released after 27 years in prison, most of which was spent at Robben Island. Now there are probably a thousand articles and blogs describing this, and I don’t feel up to the challenge of trying to match the depth of knowledge and research and journalistic skill that is out there today, so I thought I’d just share a few of the things I’ve come across already.

Firstly, while listening to the radio on the way in, the presenters played a short montage of various interviews and old archived radio/TV broadcasts, from around the time of  Mandela’s release, and all the unrest before and after. After some quick googling, I came across http://www.mandelahistory.org/, and from there found NPR’s “Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Pivotal Moment”, which contains some of these excellent and very, very interesting audio montages. You’ll hear Mandela himself, Dr Verwoed, Winnie Mandela in a telephone interview (while under house arrest), live recordings of police dispersing riots, and numerous other, very familiar voices. A lot of work as clearly gone into these, and I highly recommend you fire them up (they are streamed), and listen to them while you’re at your desk. I find it’s amazing how much of the detailed memories during that time come flooding back, with a little reminding.

Also, check out Madiba’s Release Remembered, and perhaps most vivid of all, IOL’s gallery here.

Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated.

– Refusing to bargain for freedom after 21 years in prison, as quoted in TIME (25 February 1985)


ANC’s Jesse Duarte slams Right-Wing Expats April 24, 2009

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It shows you who leaves the country: all the right-wingers – ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte

This, another hilarious and revealing statement made after the results of votes from South Africans living abroad were announced by the Independant Electoral Commission (IEC) on Thursday. (see another Jesse Duarte gem over here (via 1Earth) for some perspective)

The opposition parties got the most of the 9 857 votes. A total of 7 581 voted for the DA, 918 voted for Cope, 270 voted for the FF+, 184 voted for the ACDP and 136 voted for the ID. The ANC received 673 votes from South Africans overseas. – The Beeld

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse….. For a ruling-party spokesperson you demonstrate a surprising lack of knowledge and intelligence. Was that an insult?

Lets try to understand this: are you saying they are right-wingers because they voted DA, or because they didn’t vote ANC?

Disclaimer: I know very little about politics, thankfully, but I’ll just go with my current understanding 🙂 (more…)

Dear Mr Jacob Zuma April 2, 2009

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Dear Mr Zuma

Some of your recent comments to Afrikaner leaders in Sandton have left me quite confused, and I would like to try clear up a few things. Let us for a moment discuss the criteria for being called a “True South African”.

Firstly, what are the criteria for being called an Afrikaner? Does speaking the language at home make you Afrikaans? Or do both my parents need to be Afrikaans? Do I need an Afrikaans name? What about my grandparents? Perhaps I should have taken part in the Great Trek? Maybe I shouldn’t have been born in KZN… It might be good to put together some kind of simple Pencil (and paper) test that Whites can do at our nearest Home Affairs office.

Because I speak English, and I’m white, does that make me not a true South African? In fact, if I’m white, but I’m not an “Afrikaner”, what am I? I’m not sure I belong to any tribe, which I’m aware of. To be honest, I never thought I’d have to come up with a name for it, other than, well, just a “South African”. Should I instead try including all the “original” nationalities of my forefathers? (How many generations should I go back?) Perhaps I’m incapable of contributing to South Africa’s wealth anymore…

Is that really what you want? Is that really what South Africa needs? (more…)

Zille to Star in Cape Town Jazz Festival April 1, 2009

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Rumours that Leader of the DA and Mayor of Cape Town Helen Zille, voted the Best Mayor in the World, will be making a guest appearance at the Cape Town Jazz Festival, have rival party ANC up in arms over “political opportunism” and “unfair political campaigning”. Apparently, Zille will be performing a song or two with late entrants to the festival, The Soweto String Quartet. She will also be MC’ing their performance.
Zille played in a school band at St Mary’s, and considered “going pro” before choosing journalism instead. There is no mention of what instrument she will be playing at this point, and the aptly named DA’s spokesperson  for Arts and Culture, Louise Band, has declined to confirm or deny the rumours.

The equally aptly named ANC spokesperson, Daniel Marimbana, has responded “We have many cadres in the movement who can not only play a variety of instruments, but have a much better sense of rhythm.” – which has been well evidenced with ANC party-president Jacob Zuma at numerous party-rallies.

Check out the original article on News24 here


PS: Happy April Fools

5th Ninja Turtle Revealed! March 12, 2009

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Thanks to my brother for finding this (not sure who took the picture though….)

Ninja Turtle #5