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My Preciousssss – 2010 Ticketsess February 4, 2010

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Yes!! I won, I won! A little while ago I applied for World Cup 2010 tickets to several games here in Cape Town, and this morning I checked my ticket application status (for the umpteenth time, let me tell you), and lo and behold, this is what greets my tired eyes:

Those little green ticks, dear friends, mean “Congratulations Awesome-Person, you have successfully applied for tickets!”

So in a little over 126-odd days, I’ll be heading off to the Green Point Stadium to watch Uruguay thump France! Yeah!!


Two Oceans Aquarium January 17, 2010

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Cape Town: I’ve realised that, when you find yourself with a day completely free of chores, duties, outstanding work, even plans with friends, there are few cities better to be stuck in. Yesterday, with it’s marvelous weather, was one such day for Wifey and I, so I decided to treat her to a trip to the Two Oceans Aquarium, situated at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront.

It’s an expensive outing, make no mistake – as lowly Adults we had to pay R88 each, even though we’re South African (which is a rant for another day 🙂 ), but we quickly forgot about that once we were inside. We spent about an hour and a half in the aquarium, and saw things such as the Giant Spider Crab tank, the “Nemo” exhibit (clown fish, always a hit with the kids), the Kelp Forest (pic below) which is just beautiful, and of course the Predator Exhibit, where we were lucky enough to see feeding time. (You can also feed the sharks, by getting in the tank with them, scuba-style, no cage. And you have to pay for this…..?) The aquarium also has two galleries to contrast the sea life in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, with helpful identifier cards next to each window, to help find the little critters (and learn a little interesting fact about them too).

The aquarium, however, doesn’t limit itself to sea-bound creatures. There is quite a range of birdlife (including the ever popular penguins), and a great River Meander exhibit, which includes fresh water creatures and describes a river’s journey. Also, not to be missed, is the new “Frogs Beyond the Pond” gallery, which has been very carefully and beautifully constructed, with sections making you feel about as big as a frog as you wander through, great lilies and garden taps looming above you.

Anyway, if you have kids, you definitely want to take them there – Wifey and I quite enjoyed watching the kids, some of whom were completely beside themselves with excitement, and the rest completely enchanted and wide-eyed. And if you don’t have kids, you might just find yourself feeling like one anyway…

Cape Town to KwaZulu-Natal Road Trip: Highlights January 11, 2010

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! A little late, I know, but seeing as this is my first post of 2010, and indeed my first in nearly 2 months, everything is a little late anyway. So this post might get a tad long…

My best (and yet insufficient) excuse for the lack of reading material for you, is that Wifey and I were visiting my family in Natal. And this time, to spice things up, we decided to retrace our steps, as it were, in another road trip. We drove up 2 years ago (I think it was), and enjoyed it just as much this time, as we did then.

We left on the 17th of December, close to sunrise, and headed out on to the N1 (for as short a spell as possible). When driving any real distance, our philosophy has for a long time been to avoid major routes (most notably the N1 and N2), and try to stick to the good quality back roads, as far as possible. In doing so, we enjoy near stress-free driving due to the almost complete lack of traffic, speed cameras, tolls, and roadblocks. But perhaps best of all, we get to explore and experience certain timeless parts of South Africa such as those Karoo towns that, much like their specialty apricots, peaches, and figs, seem to be drenched and preserved in syrups of unassuming heritage.

I am honestly quite sad that it took so long for me to begin to appreciate the astounding beauty of certain parts of South Africa (more…)

Cape Town to KwaZulu-Natal Roadtrip: The Route January 11, 2010

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So Wifey and I got back from our epic roadtrip from Cape Town to Howick a few days ago, which you can read about here. I said I’d detail the route for anyone interested in the “proper” way to go across the country, so, here it is.

To summarise our route, for anyone planning a similar trip, you start out on the N1 from Cape Town, and after going through the engineering marvel that is the Huguenot Tunnel, turn off onto the R60 at Worcester, heading through Robertson, then Ashton, and Montagu, at which point you’re on the R62 . (Route 62, as it’s known, is a must-drive for any trip heading vaguely West-ish. Trust me on this 🙂 ) (more…)

POTD: Strikers in Cape Town July 14, 2009

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The strike by stadium workers across the country is in full swing at the moment, and I have been watching (and listening to) the strikers marching around town most of today, and yesterday. Here is a quick snap I took with my phone, leaning out the window. (Taken around 2pm today)Cape Town Strike

The strikers are demanding a 13% increase on the monthly minimum pay (which I understand is around R2500). Below is a picture I took on Friday (when there were much fewer strikers marching), but I enjoyed the irony of the marching taking place beneath the massive “CAPE TOWN – Ready to Welcome the World” poster! (Apologies for the shocking quality, I’ll try grab a better shot should the opportunity arise – I only managed to get the stragglers this time…)

Cape Town Strike

Cape Town Storm – POTD May 22, 2009

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Like most people in Cape Town, I’ve received numerous emails today with photographs of the thunderstorm we had yesterday morning. I thought I’d post the collection of them all here – most of the pictures seem to be very widely spread already, and its been difficult tracking down the right people for credit, so most of the pictures below are currently “unclaimed”. Where I have the photographer’s name, its included. If you know who should get credit for any of the others, please mention it in the comments section.  (And thanks to Chris for being the first to send me some pics 🙂 )

The storm reminded me a little of what it was like living in Pietermaritzburg (where I grew up) – intense thunderstorms are nearly a daily occurrence during the summer months. In Cape Town its pretty rare to get thunder, and what you do get is generally not much to talk about.

Well, to the pics (that you’ve probably already seen!) – just a quick disclaimer: because of the nature of viral emails, I can make no claim that these pictures are actually from the storm yesterday morning! But, they’re real perdy, so enjoy them anyway!

by Lisa Scott

By Lisa Scott

By Lisa Scott

Another 7 pics below….


Fire in Loop Street May 15, 2009

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Well this morning on my way to work, in amongst the inordinately high number of incidents on the traffic report, was a small piece on a fire in Loop street. It sounded at the time like it was a Backpackers, but I wasn’t paying too much attention as I didn’t register (in my pre-coffee haze) that it was right outside our offices. (I will try confirm the building shortly – UPDATE: Two Oceans Backpackers lodge)

So a chunk of Loop street was blocked off, but when I eventually got upstairs into the office, I managed to take a few pictures of the aftermath. Unfortunately, I only had my uber-crappy phone-camera for the task, and so most of the pictures are, well, uber-crappy, and rather boring. I’ve included the best (yes, I know…) below.

I’ll update this when I can find some more information out. All I know is that the building looks pretty much gutted (in my professional rubber-necker’s opinion), and I saw at least one poor sod walking around barefoot in just t-shirt and shorts. (I’m making the assumption he was involved, as he looked a tad shell-shocked). I’ve also just heard, very sadly, that there have been a number of fatalities, but again, I don’t know any further details.

Loop Street FireSome of you may remember or be aware of the recent fire at the Touchstone Building just down the road, roughly two weeks ago. There is a good set of photos here if you are interested. These were taken with a real camera… A news article about the fire can be found here at The Times.


Ok, some details have been cleared up by the article News24 have just published, over here. Tragically 4 guests were killed, and 7 injured. (They say “at least 4”, and I’ve already heard one rumour that not all guests are accounted for at this time. Lets hope that it is just a rumour…)

some more pics here

Zille to Star in Cape Town Jazz Festival April 1, 2009

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Rumours that Leader of the DA and Mayor of Cape Town Helen Zille, voted the Best Mayor in the World, will be making a guest appearance at the Cape Town Jazz Festival, have rival party ANC up in arms over “political opportunism” and “unfair political campaigning”. Apparently, Zille will be performing a song or two with late entrants to the festival, The Soweto String Quartet. She will also be MC’ing their performance.
Zille played in a school band at St Mary’s, and considered “going pro” before choosing journalism instead. There is no mention of what instrument she will be playing at this point, and the aptly named DA’s spokesperson  for Arts and Culture, Louise Band, has declined to confirm or deny the rumours.

The equally aptly named ANC spokesperson, Daniel Marimbana, has responded “We have many cadres in the movement who can not only play a variety of instruments, but have a much better sense of rhythm.” – which has been well evidenced with ANC party-president Jacob Zuma at numerous party-rallies.

Check out the original article on News24 here


PS: Happy April Fools