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ANC’s Jesse Duarte slams Right-Wing Expats April 24, 2009

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It shows you who leaves the country: all the right-wingers – ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte

This, another hilarious and revealing statement made after the results of votes from South Africans living abroad were announced by the Independant Electoral Commission (IEC) on Thursday. (see another Jesse Duarte gem over here (via 1Earth) for some perspective)

The opposition parties got the most of the 9 857 votes. A total of 7 581 voted for the DA, 918 voted for Cope, 270 voted for the FF+, 184 voted for the ACDP and 136 voted for the ID. The ANC received 673 votes from South Africans overseas. – The Beeld

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse….. For a ruling-party spokesperson you demonstrate a surprising lack of knowledge and intelligence. Was that an insult?

Lets try to understand this: are you saying they are right-wingers because they voted DA, or because they didn’t vote ANC?

Disclaimer: I know very little about politics, thankfully, but I’ll just go with my current understanding 🙂 (more…)