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Food Court Musical January 25, 2010

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Just came across this earlier this morning, and thought it was pretty cool. This bunch, Improv Everywhere, have a couple of very cool videos of their work, which you can check out on their website. The basic concept seems very similar (to me at least) to that of the Flash Mob. Anyway, it’s really best if you watch the video and check out their site. (And, Flash Mobs have been successfully executed right here in Cape Town, several times – see http://www.myvideo.co.za/video/flash-mob-cape-town and http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4134287978 for more info).

Anyway, to the video! This is very cool (although not exactly “improv”), but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…


Bohemian Rhapsody – by the Muppets January 15, 2010

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Bohemian Rhapsody, by the Muppets! Just found this old post on Utter Insanity, and I’m sure many of you have seen it, but it was new to me, so perhaps I’m not the only one…


Anna Paquin & The Brothers Streep (on Graham Norton) October 12, 2009

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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

I blogged briefly about Cape Town comedy band, The Brothers Streep (of Steri-Stumpie fame) a few weeks back, and today, while checking my facebook feeds, I noticed a high volume of posts about their Anna Paquin song (they have a barely-healthy obsession with the actress, it would seem).

So I faithfully checked it out, and found that their antics had not gone unnoticed! Graham Norton of the Graham Norton show on BBC 1 found the song, and played a portion of it during an interview with Anna. Then, to top it off, he managed to rustle up the band on a Skype call during the show (how the bandwidth held out is another question), and an extra verse was then performed.

So why am I posting this? Well, I kinda know one of the guys in the band, so that kinda makes me a bit of a celebrity, and I thought you should all know.

Steri Stumpie Ambassadors: The Brothers Streep September 3, 2009

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I’ll keep this brief: For those of you not aware of the Steri Stumpie Ambassador vibe, check out www.steristumpie.com.

For those of you not familiar with the awesome “Accoustic Comedy” set, The Brothers Streep, check ’em out right here (right now!).

Right, thats the background taken care of. Now onto the video, which is The Brothers Streep’s Steri Stumpie song. (I know! An awesome combination, right?!)

Watch it, you’ll be a better person for it.

Also, check out the facebook page here, and their YouTube channel whatsit here.

Wikus September 2, 2009

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Following on from my previous post on District 9, I thought I’d share this gem I found (via Stii)

It’s an awesome little site called wikus.co.za, and as the more astute amongst you might have guessed, it’s all about Wikus van der Merwe, hero of District 9!

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite, but do yourself a favour and check out the site!


IT Pro’s and Their Cars August 17, 2009

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Following on from my last post, …It’s a Feature! (as in, not a Bug), I thought I’d put together a little compilation of vehicles I think are appropriate for the various roles in IT. (For some context, I’ve been working in IT for the past 10 years or so, almost entirely in bespoke software development….) So, I hope you enjoy it…. On to the list!

Graphics Designer

But, if it looks this good, nobody will notice the performance!

But, if it looks this good, nobody will notice the performance!


…It’s a Feature! August 17, 2009

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A bit of Geek-Humour for this Monday:


Get it?

POTD: Brand Toilet Humour July 28, 2009

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On the way to lunch today, walking down the road in Cape Town, we came across this gem. A friend of mine snapped a shot, and here it is for all to enjoy 🙂


Ag Pleez Deddy June 2, 2009

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Well I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic the past week or so, and also a little guilty for not updating my blog so regularly of late. So here’s a quick post which addresses both, I hope, sufficiently. My dad taught us this song when we (3 boys) were young, and I was delighted to be able to find a reasonable copy on YouYube. Take a listen!

For those of you who may be sensitive in this regard, please note that there is use of the dreaded “N-word”… I normally wouldn’t dream of posting something like that, but I believe everything needs to be taken in context: Firstly, the word is simply the first part of the name of a very popular type of sweet/candy at the time (“Ni****-balls), and to change the name (which has been attempted in many versions of this song) results in a distracting and meaningless line… But more importantly, this song, released in 1961 by the great Jeremy Taylor, is a very simple and innocent jab at the Afrikaaner accent (in English of course), vocabulary, mannerisms, and popular culture, and is rich in subtle reminders of my youth.
So, if you feel it inappropriate, rather don’t listen to the song… but for what it’s worth, I think you’ll be missing out… (oh ja, for more info, check out Jeremy’s website)

Eating Cereal, Michael Bay style April 7, 2009

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The most important meal of the day…. thanks Deems