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My Preciousssss – 2010 Ticketsess February 4, 2010

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Yes!! I won, I won! A little while ago I applied for World Cup 2010 tickets to several games here in Cape Town, and this morning I checked my ticket application status (for the umpteenth time, let me tell you), and lo and behold, this is what greets my tired eyes:

Those little green ticks, dear friends, mean “Congratulations Awesome-Person, you have successfully applied for tickets!”

So in a little over 126-odd days, I’ll be heading off to the Green Point Stadium to watch Uruguay thump France! Yeah!!


POTD: Strikers in Cape Town July 14, 2009

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The strike by stadium workers across the country is in full swing at the moment, and I have been watching (and listening to) the strikers marching around town most of today, and yesterday. Here is a quick snap I took with my phone, leaning out the window. (Taken around 2pm today)Cape Town Strike

The strikers are demanding a 13% increase on the monthly minimum pay (which I understand is around R2500). Below is a picture I took on Friday (when there were much fewer strikers marching), but I enjoyed the irony of the marching taking place beneath the massive “CAPE TOWN – Ready to Welcome the World” poster! (Apologies for the shocking quality, I’ll try grab a better shot should the opportunity arise – I only managed to get the stragglers this time…)

Cape Town Strike