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Baldric-Man’s Traffic Circles for Dummies January 21, 2010

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Aaargh! I can’t take it any longer! After years of encounters of the¬†traffic-circle kind, I may have finally snapped. I’m just so completely and utterly sick of having to approach and negotiate traffic circles, while trying to follow the *real* rules of the road, and somehow incorporate the idiotic, sheep-like current trends that seem to govern (just about) every other driver’s demented usage of “roundabouts” and “mini-circles”.

Today, on my way home, I had yet another run in with some twit, who managed to exhibit tendencies of nervousness, aggressiveness, and lack-of-foresighted-ness (forgive me, I’m ranting), all in the space of about 15 seconds. I won’t go into the details: you all probably know exactly what happened.

So please consider this a public service announcement. I am now going to lay down the very-uncomplicated rules of traffic circles in one easy page for my intelligent readers to distribute amongst their less fortunate friends.

Herewith, Baldric-Man’s Traffic Circles for Dummies (more…)


Driving + Cellphones May 4, 2009

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I get very frustrated by the many people who drive everyday in peak traffic, while talking on their cellphones. You can spot them immediately, because they look drunk. They drift gently¬†across the road, back and forth; their following distance is erratic, breaking is either early or late, often unnecessary, and their cars buck with every gear change. And the worst part is, they don’t have a clue its happening.

I just read another interesting article on the dangers of using a cellphone while driving, that my brother sent me. It may be news to many people that using a handsfree kit while driving doesn’t really help that much. Its only purpose is to keep your eyes on the road a little bit longer, but the impaired concentration of doing 2 tasks at once (conversation and driving) is the real danger. Obviously, until handsfree kits can answer your questions for you, you’re better off just staying off the phone entirely, while driving.

I’ve also read studies that indicate talking on the phone while driving (again, with handsfree kits) is equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol (I couldn’t find the article I read originally, but here is a reasonable substitute, from an American study)

Anyway, according to the article, the current penalties and fines in the UK are doing little to curb this dangerous habit, but:

Only by making it socially unacceptable can people be convinced to get off the phone when driving, and even then it won’t be easy.

drivingFinally, check out this little game from the British Department of Transport, which is quite illustrative of the dangers. Bear in mind that if you try it out, you are probably giving the attention extra effort, and even if you “pass”, 81% of people don’t.